What To Wear


Children should wear comfortable, easy to manage clothing. Casual clothes allow the children to engage in messy play experiences without feeling upset or worried about getting dirty.

We provide smocks for water-play, painting and clay plus gumboots and dungarees for the digging patch.

Please ensure that children have the minimum of a t-shirt sleeve for sun protection. No singlet tops or shoestring straps. Long dresses are also not suitable for safe outdoor play. Children should bring a warm coat on colder days as we always venture outside Please name all clothing.

Spare clothes

Please pack a change of clothes (including socks) in a plastic bag. The kindergarten has spare clothing, however, children usually prefer to wear their own. If your child borrows some kindergarten clothing, please wash and return these items as soon as possible, as our supplies are limited.


Please ensure your child wears appropriate, sturdy footwear. Thongs, crocs and slippery soled shoes are not suitable for safe play.


Bucket, broad –brimmed or legionnaire style hats are required for optimum sun protection.


Chelsea Heights Kindergarten is committed to promoting awareness of sun protection and sun safe strategies and ensuring that program planning minimises exposure to the sun on days of high UV levels. Parents/guardians are responsible for applying sunscreen to their child before the start of each session between September and the end of April.


T-shirts and hats featuring the Chelsea Heights Kindergarten logo are available for purchase in a range of colours.

You can even purchase hand-towels in a variety of colours.

For any enquiries please contact our merchandising officer on merchandising@chelseaheightskinder.vic.edu.au