Committee Of Management

The Committee of Management is comprised of volunteer parents.

The Committee is responsible for all aspects of the kindergarten service, including policies, financial and administrative tasks, staffing, regulatory compliance and fundraising. Nominations are open to all parents of children enrolled at the kindergarten.

The kindergarten encourages active participation by all members.

Committee members are required to attend monthly meetings.

President Allesa Lancaster
Vice President Liz Capp
Secretary Shobhit Sinha
Assistant Secretary Lily Ho
Treasurer Holly Padgham
Assistant Treasurer Jayde Brundell
3YO Enrolments Megan McDonald
4YO Enrolments Sanja Stajakovic
Extended Care Holly Edmunds
Maintenance Nick Gazarra  
Communications Erin Jenkins
IT Sherwantha Ratnayake
Social Committee Joanna Malioris
Social Committee Gillian Rizzo
Social Committee Melissa Ellis
3YO Rep - Koala Jade Collery
3YO Rep - Joeys Alison Jones
4YO Rep - Wombats Gillian Rizzo
4YO Rep - Possums Erin Jenkins
General Committee Merchandising Jade Collery
General Committee Melissa Cahill
General Committee Laura Edwards 
2022 Special Projects Robyn Hillier
KALC Colin Stebbing
4YO & 3YO Teacher Sharon Cummins    
4YO Teacher Natasha Balog
3YO & 4YOAssistant Liz Thornell
4YO Assistant Iris Liu